Solar Lead Generation Terms & Agreements

Your Information

1. You agree to provide all information reasonably requested from you for the purposes of your lead generation campaigns.

2. You warrant that the information you provide to us under Clause 1 is accurate and up to date. Should the information be out of date or are no longer accurate, you agree to notify us immediately.

Referral of Leads

3. Upon receiving your information, they will be entered into our system which will attempt to match you with potential leads.

4. When our system match you with a potential lead, we will refer the lead to you by your nominated method, options as follow so that you can contact the lead to provide a quote for a solar system: –

4.1    via email

4.2    push into CRM (your nominated CRM has to be integrated with Zapier)

4.3    Google Sheet

5. We reserve the right to modify the basis on which our system matches you with potential leads or the basis on which we refer leads to you in any way we see fit, and you acknowlege that this may mean a delay in referral of leads to you.

Rejection of Leads

By engaging us – Brand Up Speak Up Pty Ltd – as a lead generator for your business, you agree to our rejection policy as defined below.

6. Acceptable reasons for rejection include:

6.1         Dud lead (i.e. Name: Mickey Mouse; Phone: 0123456789; Email:;

6.2         Disconnected / invalid phone number;

6.3         The contact details provided were incorrect / wrong person;

6.4         Lead is out of your service postcode area;

6.5         Duplicate leads (i.e. we had delivered to you before).

7. All rejection requests must be received in writing by Brand Up Speak Up Pty Ltd within 5 days of having sent the lead to you.

8. Once received, the rejection request will be assessed and you will be informed of the outcome.

9. Lead rejection is capped at 10% out of every order.

10. Lead rejection / replacement requests are not accepted for orders with special arrangements, such as but not limited to:

10.1 High volume order with special bulk pricing.

10.2 Customised and tailored requests.

11. Clients found to be abusing our lead rejection policy will be terminated and banned from using our service.

12. We reserve the right to terminate our service at any time by giving you notice to that effect if you reject more leads than we deem, in our sole discretion, to be reasonable.

13. These policies will be updated from time to time as we see fit. Please check this page regularly to keep informed.